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Yunnan Macadamia Industry Development Co.,Ltd (YMAC) was established in August 2003 with macadamia growing, processing, marketing, researching, service, importing & exporting as major business fields. YMAC is also the first joint-venture company engaged in entire macadamia industry including growing, processing and marketing in China.


Green Planting & Naturally Organic

YMAC has a standardized planting base of over 10000 Mu of macadamia, breeding 6 excellent varieties, forming a high mountain organic planting and building a green and pollution-free base. Using macadamia shell and husk as fertilizer and mountain spring water as irrigation, the production area is pollution-free.

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No. 1 Macadamia Manor in Zhenkang County of Lincang


Demonstration Macadamia Base at Daxueshan Town of Yongde County in Lincang


High Yield Cultivation Demonstration Macadamia Base

Professional production and efficient processing

YMAC has established one export grade processing plant with annual processing capacity of 10000 tons and 3000 tons of NIS in Zhenkang County, Lincang City and Mangshi, Dehong Prefecture. Equipped with modern and advanced equipment, the processing quality has reached the international advanced level.

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Rich products and complete channels

YMAC specializes in producing macadamia products. In addition to selling raw materials such as NIS and kernels, it has also developed and innovated over dozens of products with different specifications and flavors. Its sales channels cover both domestic and international offline markets and major online sales platforms.

Product specification: 86g whole kernels, 7 small bags per box Nut diameter: above 18mm 7 flavors: honey, salted, mustard, coffee, coconut, barbecue, seaweed Mixed flavors: 7 bags for 7 different flavors

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Product specification: 320g half kernel, 20 small bags per bag Flavor: Natural

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500gProduct specification: 500g 22-26mm Diameter: 22-26mm Flavor: Natural, salted

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Product specifications: 185g whole kernels, one pack of 10 small bags, 252g whole kernels, one pack of 14 small bags Diameter: 17-20mm Flavor: Natural

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Product specification: 20g half kernel 3 flavors: mustard flavor, honey flavor, coffee flavor

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