"Xia Guo's mom" Chen Yuxiu came to the live broadcast of "Thank You for Coming" to call for the domestic Xia Guo!

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A summer fruit for a lifetime, this is the mission of Chen Yuxiu, but also the heavy responsibility of Yun Aoda.

April 26-28, one of the founders of China's summer fruit industry - "summer fruit mother" Chen Yuxiu flew to Chongqing, in person, "Thank you for coming" live, publicity and promotion of Yunnan's "new agricultural business card" - domestic summer fruit.

Three days of special live broadcast, from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm, "summer fruit mother" Chen Yuxiu eight hours a day will be accompanied by everyone in the live broadcast, actively promote domestic high-quality summer fruit products, enthusiastic interaction with fans and friends. During the live broadcast, many consumers do not know the original summer fruit has been localized, and Yunnan's planting area of 4 million acres of the world's first, accounting for 56% of the world's total planting area, the majority of people are still stuck in the summer fruit are imported in the impression. For this phenomenon, Mr. Chen in the live broadcast also said many times that this is her dereliction of duty, planted 31 years of summer fruits, rooted in the mountains, high-quality domestic summer fruits but little known. However, "good fruit is not afraid of mountains", through the online and offline publicity time and again, multi-platform appearance, the future "Chinese summer fruit" will not only meet the taste buds of more domestic consumers, but also from the border of China to a larger global market.

In order to make this live broadcast smooth, Yun Aoda people from the project docking, operation coordination, raw material preparation, product processing, warehousing and logistics and other aspects of the preparation of two or three months, all departments are actively cooperate with the Yun Aoda, highlighting the Yun Aoda "perseverance will be fruitful, with the heart to do a good job of benevolence," the spirit of the spirit.

A summer fruit for a lifetime, this is the mission of Chen Yuxiu, but also the heavy responsibility of Yun Aoda. The operation of the whole industry chain of Yun Aoda's summer fruits only aims to guarantee the high quality of the products and the richness of the flavors, so that the consumers can taste and enjoy the more high-quality domestic summer fruits, and, at the same time, improve the status of Chinese summer fruits in the international arena.

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