All the way west to Lincang, we met Xiaguoqing, feel Xiaguo love

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In February, Lincang has been like summer, taking the occasion of the interview of the column group, our party went all the way to the west, to see the summer fruit forests in the mountains, smell the fragrance of summer fruit flowers on the trees, and listen to the summer fruit friendship of the people of Yun Aoda.

In February, Lincang has been like summer, taking the occasion of the interview of the column group, our party went all the way to the west, to see the summer fruit forests in the mountains, smell the fragrance of summer fruit flowers on the trees, and listen to the summer fruit friendship of the people of Yun Aoda.

In fact, has come to the base and processing plant many times, but this time through the old-timers recall their love affair with Yun Aoda, I have a touch, Yun Aoda 20 years behind the "summer fruit mother" Chen Yuxiu's persistence and dedication, but also this generation of summer fruit people's support and perseverance.

Chen Yuxiu and Yun Aoda staff


Our first stop was Yang Kehua's house in Yishui Village, Antdui Township. The visit was actually an impromptu one on the first day because he is a representative grower, and it was also the first time for me to meet him and listen to his story about his relationship with Yun Aoda. When we arrived at the intersection, the two simple couples came to meet us, made tea and warmly entertained us, and recalled the past of planting summer fruits in the small yard of his house. The reason why I say he is more typical is that he planted summer fruits entirely according to our company's planting manual copied down to self-taught. This chance is the then secretary of the municipal party committee introduced him to plant summer fruit, but he did not know anything, and no one around him, he had to follow the manual word by word self-taught, he planted in 2010, until 5 years later and Chen met with Mr. Chen, Mr. Chen was impressed by his pioneering spirit, to help him set up a cooperative, to take the lead to lead the whole village to plant summer fruit. So far, he has gone from more than 10,000 acres of seedlings to owning 500 acres of summer fruit forests, leading the cooperative to plant 8,760 acres, and more than 1,000 acres in the whole Yishui Village, becoming a representative planting household in Linxiang District.

Mr. and Mrs. Yang Kehua

After a short stay, we continue to drive along the "100-mile summer fruit corridor", every time driving in the 100-mile road, Chen will be a sense of achievement and pride, her 30 years of persistence in exchange for a mountain full of dark green summer fruit trees, so that Lincang has become the center of the world's summer fruits, and has been appreciated by the people. Through this promenade, we enter the first own base - Yongde Daxueshan Township dwarf dense planting planting base, here is the hope of summer fruit industry. The cutting-edge dwarfing and dense planting technology allows the planting of 22-24 plants to 53-55 plants per acre, which greatly improves the land utilization rate. And this achievement can not be separated from the Yun Aoda people here, more than ten years of diligent perseverance in more than 200 acres of land, planted the future of the summer fruit industry.

Yongde Daxueshan Township Dwarf Dense Planting Base

After lunch and a short break at the Yongde base, we drove to our final stop of the day, the Zhenkang County South Umbrella Processing Factory. As soon as we stepped out of the car, we were greeted by a large "summer fruit", which was actually a conference room in the shape of a summer fruit, a prominent building recognized by local farmers as a symbol to help them get rich. Workers at the factory were urgently producing live products. Although time is short, but the processing process is meticulous, to ensure that every summer fruit in the mouth of consumers are high quality, which is the guarantee of Yun Aoda.

Yun Ao Da Nan Umbrella Processing Factory


After a day of running around, we took an early rest to refresh ourselves for the next day's trip. Early in the morning, facing the sunrise, we follow the winding mountain road deep into the mountains, to witness the spectacular "Summer Fruit Valley", which is more than 6,000 acres of forests, 100,000 trees are the hope of all the people of Yun Aoda, each string of flowers is a symbol of this year's bumper harvest. Entering the forest to take a view, smelling a burst of flowers, let people temporarily forget about the trouble, just focus on one after another to take out the cell phone camera to record this piece of quiet years. Between tasting the sweet and mellow summer fruit nectar, more than 10 years of old employees were interviewed in turn, we also learned about their deeds with Mr. Chen and Yun Aoda, although people are different, but they all expressed the same kind of feelings, that is, admiration and thanksgiving, admiration for Mr. Chen's perseverance, so that the localization of exotic species and thriving; thankful for the company's cultivation, so that the people of the frontier to escape from poverty and become rich.

summer fruit flower

prickly pear

The focus of the afternoon is to go to the village secretary of Miao Wang Wang Xi Lin home visit, Miao Wang is also the representative of the first batch of Xiaguo people, it is he had no choice but to sign an agreement with Mr. Chen, and now lead the village of Tianba to run into prosperity. It is worthwhile to lament that the three people who signed the agreement at that time are gathered again after 16 years. At that time, the young faces revealed worries and anxieties, but now the happy smiles make the slightly wrinkled cheeks even more attractive, and the worries, anxieties, and uncertainties of that time have disappeared. From a dilapidated house to a small villa, it is my own efforts, but also thanks to Xiaoguo, and ultimately cannot be separated from Mr. Chen and Yun Aoda's help. I believe that this friendship will never end and will be passed from one generation to the next.


                                                                                                                               16 years ago.                                                    today

After dinner, the night of the bonfire ignited everyone's passion, a complete release, will not jump jump around the bonfire dance, laughter between the distance between each other, jumping tired to sit down around the fireplace and drink tea, talk about the past, talk about the future, were present in the cloud Aoda a part of the mainstay of the industry of summer fruits.

Although the two-day trip is short, but I believe the column team and the accompanying staff have a lot of feelings. This "planting" road we have been walking together for 20 years, now we have changed a "selling" runway, we shoulder the development of the industry, the farmers' expectations, I believe that a strong fresh power can support us to accelerate the progress, continue to write the legend of Chinese summer fruit! We believe that the strong fresh power can support us to accelerate forward and continue the legend of Chinese summer fruit.

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